Wild Food Mentor by Robin Harford

Wild Food Mentor

Wild Food Mentor is the UK's only home-study course for anyone with a passion for foraging. It is the most affordable and comprehensive online wild food resource available today.

Attention Beginner Foragers

Are you tired of not being able to identify wild food plants?

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Here's How to Fast-Track Your Plant Identification Skills

When I first started out foraging, I found it excruciating not being able to correctly identify wild edible plants.

It took me month’s of trawling through my local library’s natural history selection, flipping through every wild flower identification guide I could get my hands on. 

There were photo books, books with watercolour and line drawings...

... and one called a ‘flower key’ that had virtually no pictures in it, but lots of text, so I thought it must be really important. 

My early days of identifying wild food plants were nothing short of frustrating. 

If you can relate to this problem, then I have the solution...

How to Become a Confident, Safe and Knowledgeable Forager

Wild Food Mentor is the quick-start way to dramatically increase your wild edible plant identification skills and wild food knowledge.  

Combining video, photos and text, you’ll easily learn each plant's historical use, identification features, where to find it, and how to cook it, plus much more. 
The course covers over 70 wild food plants that have historically been found around Britain and Northern Europe.

Imagine what it would be like to pop outside your front door and confidently pick your supper from the huge number of wild edible plants available.

Introducing Britain's Leading Wild Food Historian

When I met Marcus Harrison, he was running Britain’s only full-time wild food school. He had also foraged daily for over 30 years, and what got me really excited was that he had rolled back the historical record of the wild foods of the British Isles.

Uncovering The 'True Taste' of Britain

Marcus would spend weeks in the British Library pouring over old manuscripts, some dating back as far as the 11th century.

He’s slowly unearthed the secrets of how we used wild edible plants in the past. Tastes that have been enjoyed throughout history on the dining tables of Britons everywhere.

And I can tell you, there is no-one else alive today who has done that, or even come close!


Because Marcus is the person that top foraging instructors learn from...
… yet the chances are you may never have heard of him.

He has also worked extensively for the Ministry of Defence teaching wild food survival, and is hugely respected and held in high esteem by those who are lucky enough to come across his work, or meet him in person.
Thanks to Marcus' instructors course I have gone on to pass his expertise to many here in North Wales in the knowledge that I am passing on some very well researched experience and safe foraging advice.
Rowenna Williams
And it's not just foraging instructors he teaches… his students come from all walks of life, from city dwellers, country lovers, botanists, services personnel to leading-edge chefs...

... as well as consulting for some of the biggest celebrities you see on TV.

Wild Food Mentor will:

  • Give you the confidence to easily identify wild edible plants

  • You get access to over 70 wild edible plant videos and hundreds of clear photos making plant identification quick, easy and painless.

  • Inspire you to start playing with wild edible plants in your kitchen. Your friends and loved ones will be amazed. 

  • You'll also find hundreds of mouth-watering recipes inside.

  • It's like having an expert foraging teacher on speed dial in your phone. Watch and learn anytime, anywhere, on any device... perfect for when you are out foraging in the hedgerow, coast, marsh, moor or woods... even in the city!

Hundreds of Students From All Walks Of Life Have Gone Through Wild Food Mentor

I've been reading about wild food for a while but realised that I needed practical knowledge to progress further. Wild Food Mentor is an ideal bridge between the practical and theoretical, and Marcus presents all the aspects of wild food foraging in a clear style. You can only get a brief idea of wild food from books and I’m glad I took the next step and signed up for this video course. I'm not normally one for recommending things but I can do so in this case wholeheartedly!
Dr. Steve Bell
A great combination of video, text, photos and recipes, and a good balance of historical and practical information. The photos make identification of the plant much easier than a lot of guides I have used. Having the video showing the plant growing and Marcus in contact with it gives a lot of useful information about its size, texture etc. This is invaluable when identifying plants, and is definitely the next best thing to being on a guided walk.

Maggie MacMillan

Over 70+ Wild Edible Plant Videos Including Hundreds of Photos

You have access to over 70 wild edible plant videos and hundreds of clear photos making identification easy and effortless. 

You'll learn each plant's historical use, identification features, where to find it, and how to cook it, plus much more.

Delicious Mouth-Watering Recipes For Each Plant

These never before published recipes will inspire and encourage you to start playing with wild edible plants in your kitchen. Amaze your friends and loved ones.

Learn At Your Own Pace With Lifetime Access

We all learn differently. Some people consume information rapidly, others prefer taking their time, which is why you have LIFETIME ACCESS to all the course material.

Access On Mobiles, Tablets and Computers

Watch and learn anytime, anywhere, on any device… perfect for when you are out and about foraging.

Full Money Back Guarantee

I believe so much in Wild Food Mentor and what it can do for you that I want you to test it.

If it is not precisely what you want, you may cancel your membership within 14 days, for any reason - no questions asked.

- Robin Harford

More Great Feedback

It is just like going out with a chatty and relaxed professional forager. Here are plants that I've never even heard of before. Loads of information and even better I can learn at my own pace and watch the videos tucked up in bed. 

If you have an interest in increasing your foraging skills and knowledge this course is well worth considering. I've learnt masses already."
Fiona Nevile-Bowles
I found the photographs a huge help. The video's were also very helpful, as it is much easier to see and understand when someone is actually showing you the plant. It was almost like being in there doing a 'live' course.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, and consider it to be an ongoing course, that I will be using over and over again. 
Dianne Fincham

What's included?

Video Icon 79 videos Text Icon 152 text files


Start Here
Plant Identification
4 mins
Medical & Allergies
8 mins
4 mins
2 mins
Plants By Season
Alexanders Video
3 mins
Alexanders Photos
Alexanders Recipes
Beech Video
2 mins
Beech Photos
Beech Recipes
Bilberry Video
2 mins
Bilberry Photos
Bilberry Recipes
Blackthorn Video
2 mins
Blackthorn Photos
Blackthorn Recipes
Borage Video
2 mins
Borage Photos
Borage Recipes
Bramble Video (Early to Mid Summer)
2 mins
Bramble Video (Autumn)
1 min
Bramble Photos
Bramble Recipes
Brooklime Video
2 mins
Brooklime Photos
Brooklime Recipes
Broom Video
3 mins
Broom Photos
Broom Recipes
Bulrush Video
7 mins
Bulrush Photos
Bulrush Recipes
Chickweed Video
1 min
Chickweed Photos
Chickweed Recipes
Cleavers Video
3 mins
Cleavers Photos
Cleavers Recipes
Cuckooflower Video
2 mins
Cuckooflower Photos
Cuckooflower Recipes
Damson Video
2 mins
Damson Photos
Damson Recipes
Dandelion Video
4 mins
Dandelion Photos
Dandelion Recipes
Dog Rose
Dog Rose Video
2 mins
Dog Rose Photos
Dog Rose Recipes
Dog Violet
Dog Violet Video
2 mins
Dog Violet Photos
Dog Violet Recipes
Elder Video (Early Spring)
4 mins
Elder Video (Autumn)
1 min
Elder Photos
Elder Recipes
Elecampane Video
1 min
Elecampane Photos
Elecampane Recipes
Fat Hen
Fat Hen Video
3 mins
Fat Hen Photos
Fat Hen Recipes
Fennel Video
2 mins
Fennel Photos
Fennel Recipes
Garlic Mustard
Garlic Mustard Videos
4 mins
Garlic Mustard Photos
Garlic Mustard Recipes
Golden Saxifrage
Golden Saxifrage Video
2 mins
Golden Saxifrage Photos
Golden Saxifrage Recipes
Good King Henry
Good King Henry Video
1 min
Good King Henry Photos
Good King Henry Recipes
Greater Burdock
Greater Burdock Video
3 mins
Greater Burdock Photos
Greater Burdock Recipes
Ground Ivy
Ground Ivy Video
2 mins
Ground Ivy Photos
Ground Ivy Recipes
Guelder Rose
Guelder Rose Video
2 mins
Guelder Rose Photos
Guelder Rose Recipes
Hawthorn Video
2 mins
Hawthorn Photos
Hawthorn Recipes
Hazelnut Video
1 min
Hazelnut Photos
Hazel Recipes
Hogweed Video
3 mins
Hogweed Photos
Hogweed Recipes
Hop Video
3 mins
Hop Photos
Hop Recipes
Ivy Leaved Toadflax
Ivy Leaved Toadflax Video
2 mins
Ivy Leaved Toadflax Photos
Ivy Leaved Toadflax Recipe
Lesser Celandine
Lesser Celandine Video
2 mins
Lesser Celandine Photos
Lesser Celandine Recipe
Mallow Video
2 mins
Mallow Photos
Mallow Recipes
Marsh Mallow
Marsh Mallow Video
3 mins
Marsh Mallow Photos
Marsh Mallow Recipes
Marsh Samphire
Marsh Samphire Video
2 mins
Marsh Samphire Photos
Marsh Samphire Recipes
Meadowsweet Video
3 mins
Meadowsweet Photos
Meadowsweet Recipes
Navelwort Video
3 mins
Navelwort Photos
Navelwort Recipes
Oak Video
4 mins
Oak Photos
Oak Recipes
Orache Video
3 mins
Orache Photos
Orache Recipes
Oxeye Daisy
Oxeye Daisy
2 mins
Oxeye Daisy Photos
Oxeye Daisy Recipes
Pignut Video
4 mins
Pignut Photos
Pignut Recipe
Buckshorn Plantain Video
1 min
Buckshorn Plantain Photos
Buckshorn Plantain Recipes
Greater Plantain Video
3 mins
Greater Plantain Photos
Greater Plantain Recipes
Maritime Plantain Video
2 mins
Maritime Plantain Photos
Maritime Recipes
Ribwort Plantain Video
2 mins
Ribwort Plantain Photos
Ribwort Plantain Recipes
Primrose Video
5 mins
Primrose Photos
Primrose Recipes
Red Valerian
Red Valerian Video
2 mins
Red Valerian Photos
Red Valerian Recipes
Rest Harrow
Rest Harrow Video
2 mins
Rest Harrow Photos
Rest Harrow Recipes
Rock Samphire
Rock Samphire Video
2 mins
Rock Samphire Photos
Rock Samphire Recipes
Rosebay Willowherb
Rosebay Willowherb Video
3 mins
Rosebay Willowherb Photos
Rosebay Willowherb Recipes
Rough Hawkbit
Rough Hawkbit Video
2 mins
Rough Hawkbit Photos
Rough Hawkbit Recipes
Rowan Video
2 mins
Rowan Photos
Rowan Recipes
Salad Burnet
Salad Burnet Video
2 mins
Salad Burnet Photos
Salad Burnet Recipes
Salsify Video
3 mins
Salsify Photos
Salsify Recipes
Scurvygrass Video
3 mins
Scurvygrass Photo
Scurvygrass Recipes
Sea Aster
Sea Aster Video
2 mins
Sea Aster Photos
Sea Aster Recipes
Sea Beet
Sea Beet Video
2 mins
Sea Beet Photos
Sea Beet Recipes
Self Heal
Self Heal Video
1 min
Self Heal Photos
Self Heal Recipes
Shepherd's Purse
Shepherd's Purse Video
1 min
Shepherd's Purse Photos
Shepherd's Purse Recipes
Silverweed Video
2 mins
Silverweed Photos
Silverweed Recipes
Smooth Sow Thistle
Smooth Sow Thistle Video
2 mins
Smooth Sow Thistle Photos
Smooth Sow Thistle Recipes
Sneezewort Video
1 min
Sneezewort Photos
Sneezewort Recipes
Common Sorrel Video
5 mins
Common Sorrel Photos
Sheep Sorrel Photos
Wood Sorrel Photos
Yellow Sorrel
Sorrel Recipes
Stinging Nettle
Stinging Nettle Video
6 mins
Stinging Nettle Photos
Stinging Nettle Recipes
Sweet Chestnut
Sweet Chestnut Video
2 mins
Sweet Chestnut Photos
Sweet Chestnut Recipes
Thistle Video
5 mins
Field Thistle Photos
Marsh Thistle Photos
Milk Thistle Photos
Thistle Recipes
Three Cornered Leek
Three Cornered Leek Video
2 mins
Three Cornered Leek Photos
Three Cornered Leek Recipes
White Dead Nettle
White Dead Nettle Video
2 mins
White Dead Nettle Photos
White Dead Nettle Recipes
Wild Angelica
Wild Angelica Video
2 mins
Wild Angelica Photos
Wild Angelica Recipes
Wild Carrot
Wild Carrot Video
1 min
Wild Carrot Photos
Wild Carrot Recipes
Wild Garlic
Wild Garlic Video
2 mins
Wild Garlic Photos
Wild Garlic Recipes
Wild Strawberry
Wild Strawberry Video
1 min
Wild Strawberry Photos
Wild Strawberry Recipes
Yarrow Video
2 mins
Yarrow Photos
Yarrow Recipes

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